About us

  Solid Door Installations, Inc., is a union commercial installation company of doors, frames and hardware.

  We were established in 2004 and have over 20 years combined experince with the installation of hollow metal/wood doors, frames and hardware.  We also have experience in the reworking of hollow metal doors and frames.  As hardware changes and electronics are intergrated, we are commited to always being informed on the latest hardware and components.   

    We are presently working with different hardware companies and general contractors on a variety of jobs from new construction, modernizations, TI and end-user projects.  We have worked on projects at hospitals, schools and Government facilities that require tight tolerances and certain specs regarding hardware; i.e., OSHPOD, LAUSD and JACO.  We understand and strive to maintain all of these tolerances throughout all our projects. 

  Our goal is to build a Solid company that will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.  We want to provide the best quality installation, the best possible communication and always with SAFTEY first.  We are building working relationships on giving quality, communication, commitment and the knowledge that is to be expected. 

  Hang with the BEST...